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June 9 - National Running Day (Um, well it WAS National Running day...)

June 20 - SMRC Run Club Picnic

August 15 - SMRC Pizza/Pool Party

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I’m late, I’m late! I know! I apologize. A house full of company and graduation festivities pushed my schedule around. I truly apologize! Here’s what I could scrounge up this month. Don’t forget to send me anything that you’d like added to the newsletter!

June is here! The kids are out of school! Hoorah! I mean, hoorah? The heat is cranking up. The Texas summer is upon us, and only going to become more increasingly stiffling. It’s that kind of heat that bashes you in the face the second you open the front door, only making you wish that it was January again for a brief moment. Remember to hydrate (with water, people) and to run smart. Here are 10 tips for running safely in the summer!

10 Quick Tips for Running in the Heat

1. Make adjustments: Don’t do long or higher-intensity workouts during the heat of the day. If you must run at midday, pick routes with shade. As a general rule, start your workout slower than you usually do. If you’re feeling good halfway through, it’s okay to speed up a little bit.

2. Wear as little as possible: Wear apparel that’s light in color, lightweight, and has vents or mesh. Microfiber polyesters and cotton blends are good fabric choices. Also, be sure to wear a hat, shades, and sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.

3. Watch your alcohol and meds: Alcohol, antihistamines and antidepressants can all have a dehydrating effect. Using them just before a run can make you have to pee, compounding your risk of dehydration. Now, what happens AFTER the run is up to you.

4. Drink early and often: Top off your fluid stores with 16 ounces of sports drink an hour before you head out. Then toss down five to eight ounces of sports drink about every 20 minutes while working out. Sports drinks beat water because they contain electrolytes, which increase your water-absorption rate, replace the electrolytes you lose in sweat, and taste good, making it easy to drink more. Summer time is rough around here!

5. Be patient: Give yourself eight to 14 days to acclimatize to hot weather, gradually increasing the length and intensity of your training. In that time, your body will learn to decrease your heart rate, decrease your core body temperature, and increase your sweat rate.

6. Seek grass and shade: We have plenty of that in San Marcos! It’s always hotter in cities than in surrounding areas because asphalt and concrete retain heat. If you must run in an urban or even a suburban area, look for shade - any park will do - and try to go in the early morning or late evening.

7. Check the breeze: If possible, start your run going with the wind and then run back with a headwind. Running into the wind has a cooling effect, and you’ll need that in the second half of a run.

8. Head out early or late: Even in the worst heat wave, it cools off significantly by dawn. Get your run done then, and you’ll feel good about it all day. Can’t fit it in? Wait until evening, when the sun’s rays aren’t as strong - just don’t do it so late that it keeps you from getting to sleep.

9. Slow down: Every 5°F rise in temperature above 60°F can slow your pace by as much as 20 to 30 seconds per mile. So don’t fight it - just slow down. Just accept it.

10. Run in water: Substitute one weekly outdoor walk or run with a pool-running session of the same duration. If you’re new to pool running, use a flotation device and simply move your legs as if you were running on land, with a slightly exaggerated forward lean and vigorous arm pump. Swimming against the river current here in San Marcos is a killer workout, too. Refreshing, also in the heat of the summer!

Now that kids are home, you need activities to entertain them and fill the day! Check out the local Parks and Rec Activity Guide! The city offers tons of activities for all ages!

Let’s not forget about all of the great local music that we have access to, either. Nothing better than friends and music at a great venue on a warm summer night!

Texas State University offers tons of great camps, academic and athletic. Here is a link to what they offer!


Keep running, set some goals, find some races, and if you’re planning a vacation, you know you have to check and make sure there are places for you to run while traveling. Don’t we all do that?
See you out there, San Marcos runners!

Tuesday, June 20
Rio Vista Park
Pavilion A
6:00 P.M.

Join us for a club run followed by a hamburger picnic!

The club will provide the burgers, all the fixings and chips. Bring your beverage of choice and a side dish to share!
This is a member event!
Remember, alcohol and Styrofoam are prohibited in Rio Vista Park.

Hays County Courthouse - San Marcos
This is a last reminder. With the summer heat here, this could be a great option if you are looking to get your run in earlier than normal.
Darrell posted this a few weeks ago! Make a note! Thanks, Darrell!

'Wayne Ames and I completed our 2nd week of running MWF starting at the Courthouse (same place SMRC meets on Tuesday evening) at 6:00 A.M. in case anyone wants to join us. We are doing the 3-mile loop on MW and we are doing a 5-mile Courthouse to Courthouse run on Fri morning. We are about a 10.00 to 10.30-minute-a-mile pace give or take! Mostly give! I plan to do this throughout the summer (at least) barring injury/illness. Come join us! More the merrier!'
No new members this month!

But tell your friends who are looking for fitness options this summer that running with the SMRC might be a perfect exercise outlet!
It’s never too soon to start running with a great group of people!


City of San Marcos Rec Center
Remember the Thursday evening run at City Park!

After the run, many of the club members head over to the concert in the park! Below is a calendar of those concerts coming up!

Moe’s Weekly San Marcos Daily Record Article
Our very own Moe Johnson writes a weekly news article. The topics vary, but it is always great information. Look for it! You can always find it on the SMRC page! Follow the link below!

SMRC was well represented at the B2B relay Marathon in Corpus this year, with 2 full teams that I know of! I know Liesela was on a team as well. There was no rain or flooding this year, either. So that was a plus. One of these teams happened to have some killer singlets that they ran in, too. Can you guess which team that was by looking at the team photos?

It is one of the largest relay marathons in the country!

Since 1976, runners and fun-seekers have flocked to Corpus Christi, Texas to run the Beach to Bay Relay Marathon. To many runners, the annual event has become a tradition throughout the State of Texas.
Beach to Bay has grown to be the largest relay marathon in the United States, attracting runners from all over the U.S. as well as Kenya, England and Mexico. Approximately 2,600 teams totaling over 16,000 runners compete each year.

It is likely one of my favorite running traditions. If you haven’t run it before, you have a whole year to consider it! I had a great time, as I do every year. I love that the SMRC members head to Corpus every year for this event.

We all know Deb. We all also know that Deb wins free stuff... all of the time. But this takes the cake.

Deb ran in the Fit Foodie 5K in May in Austin on May 20th. For 2017, the race coordinators announced that they had launched a partnership with No Kid Hungry. The No Kid Hungry campaign connects kids in need with nutritious food and teaches their families how to cook healthy, affordable meals. The campaign also engages the public to make ending child hunger a national priority. Hungry children suffer. And 13 million kids in America aren’t getting the food they need. Nearly one in six children in America lives in households that struggle to put food on the table. So, this is a race with an awesome purpose.

Now, for the kicker. Desi Linden and Ryan Hall were there as part of the race public relations efforts. Of course, everyone there wanted a picture with them, right? Once you have a picture taken with a running celebrity, you post about it!

But apparently, in this situation, Deb is the celebrity... and Ryan Hall posted HER picture on his Instagram feed.

Are you really surprised, though?
Eight months after she was struck and killed by a garbage truck in College Station, Alannah Ritch was remembered on Saturday, May 20.

The Live Like Alannah 5K and Kid’s 1K got underway at 8 a.m. at Five Mile Dam Park, 4440 S. Old Stagecoach Road, San Marcos.

The proceeds benefited the Alannah Ritch Memorial Scholarship Fund.
A graduate of San Marcos High School, Ritch was killed Sept. 8 of last year and was attending Texas A&M University at the time of her death.

There was a large turnout for a local race, which only reflects how this community we live in draws together in the face of hardship and supports one another.


June 7th, 2017

Each year, on the first Wednesday in June, people across the United States participate in National Running Day. This day was designated as a day for runners to reaffirm their passion for running! It is also a good day for beginners to begin a life-changing commitment to running!


Whether you run a few miles or just around the block, by yourself or with a friend or three, this is a perfect day to go for a run! Use #NationalRunningDay AS A HASHTAG to post on social media!


Running organizations have partnered together since 2009 to promote National Running Day. For more information visit globalrunningday.org.

This year, it conveniently fell on a Wednesday! I hope some of you got to celebrate by taking off on the Core Group run on Wednesday night!
It’s Tuesday Night Lights at the Texas State track. Now is your time to register to race in the last series on June 13th. Or maybe you can just go and watch and cheer on an SMRC or Core friends that might be running! It’s not every day you can run on a collegiate track. They offer track and field events! You have until Sunday to register! So give it a thought. Here is the link to register below!


Deb is sharing her codes again, when she’s not busy winning something... every day of her life!

Thanks, Deb!

*Use code DEBORAH2017 for 10% off!


*Use code Dallasdeborah18 for some swag Hot Chocolate Dallas run!

*Use code OLSON17 for 15% off!

Issue: # Month/Year
Issue: # Month/Year
Mind and Body: Make the Connection

Have you ever found yourself exercising and thinking of what you have to do today? Or maybe you drift off in thought, worrying about all the bills, the kids, your job, etc? I am so guilty of this. I often wonder the next day why maybe I’m not sore. Or I wonder why I don’t feel as tired as I would expect to. If you are guilty of this too, you may be depriving yourself of the maximal impact your workout can have on not only your body but your mind, as well.

Being present in your workout allows you to become fully aware of your body and drives each movement with purpose. The key phrase here is ‘with purpose.’ Not only that, it also stimulates your brain cells as you envision the muscle being worked contracting and relaxing with each rep. Focusing inward and on every movement can help decrease stress by turning your workout into a meditation in and of itself! Who doesn’t want to decrease stress?

Reaping the benefits of the mind-body connection happens even BEFORE you step foot in the gym, though! Visualizing that you are going all out during your work out - imagining yourself performing each set at your best performance - will allow you to go harder, stronger and longer once you get into the gym.

It has also been shown that positive statements and thoughts regarding your abilities and your workout will improve your overall performance. What you think, you become! Sounds hokey and cliche, I know. But I really believe that there is truth in that statement. If you go into your workout with a negative attitude about yourself and your abilities, your body will follow suit. If you think the weight is too heavy to lift, it will be. If you think you aren’t capable of a certain movement, you won’t be. It’s as simple as that.

So instead of just going through your next workout in an automated fashion, ‘going through the motions’ just to get it done, bring more awareness to what you are doing and to the ‘here and now.’ What are you trying to do? What are you looking to accomplish? Is it leg day? Is it back day? What body part are you trying to work? Are you out running? What are your feet doing? What’s your cadence? How does your breathing sound?

Cultivate a mind-body connection to get the most out of every workout by maybe doing some of the following:

Shift Your Attention

Shift your attention inward, and take notice of how your body is doing and how you are feeling. Not only will you get a better workout and understand how your body is moving, but you will also reduce the risk of injuries as you keep your mind from becoming distracted by all that is life outside your workout. If you are trying to work legs, why is your lower back feeling strained? Stop, figure it out, and pay attention to what your body is doing. Slow it down and get it right.

Change Things Up

If you’re having trouble focusing inward, maybe it’s because you have grown used to the exercise you are doing and you are just ‘going through the motions.’ Being outside a comfort zone is sometimes really hard to do. Mix things up and start your workout with something new to establish the mind-body connection for the rest of your workout. Watch videos, read and learn how to do something new. Walk over to that new piece of gym equipment, or go do hill sprints on that road that you have only ever ventured to drive up in your car. Oak Ridge, for example. It hurts so good! I promise.
Have a Plan and Know It

Knowing what you’re going to do before you get started allows you to remain grounded in the moment, instead of having to come up with the next thing to do. I keep a log... a log of everything I do as far as fitness goes, now. I know my plan, and it keeps me on task (for the most part) at the gym. If I start chatting, though, it all goes to hell pretty quickly, though.


Spend some time visualizing doing your best on your next set between rests. Or running a swift 400 M on the track. Just try and SEE yourself in your mind’s eye being smooth and paced on your tempo run. Feel yourself giving it your all during spin class. This works. It also can help alleviate anxiety. If you can see yourself doing it, then you can do it!

Speak Positively to Yourself

Your inner dialogue can make or break you. It is so true. We can all be our worst enemies! How you decide to speak to yourself can help you stay motivated and push you towards your goals. Stay positive and begin your workout with an empowering statement. “I've got this!” At the same time, encourage and be positive to those around you. Surrounding yourself with friends who you lift up, in turn, can be uplifting to you. If we all encourage one another, we become capable of so much more.

For better or for worse, our minds and bodies are interconnected. It is up to us to become aware of our mind-body connections and to develop relationship between the two. Your mind and body can keep you healthy or not; and while it is not total, we do have control over how we think and react to the things around us.

So, in closing, happy connecting everyone!
 It’s almost time for the hottest race of the year! There’s nothing like running under the sweltering sun in the midst of the summer in an incredibly dry breeze with all of your running family!

All joking aside, it’s one of the most fun local races that you can find in our great little river city. Great prizes, music, a solid crowd, a challenging field, and of course... race photos from the one and only Robert Bermea.

So don’t forget! Register, and bring your Gatorade!



Do you have an interesting story idea, announcement or other content for the newsletter? We really want to hear about it! Please contact us and let us know at newsletter@sanmarcosrunners.org Great race stories, runner profiles and information that you help provide will only help to make this newsletter great!
Core Running Opportunities
* TUESDAY NIGHTS at 6:30 P.M. - Did you know that Coach Framke hosts a track/speed workout session every Tuesday evening at 6:30? The location changes, so be sure to check the Facebook group to follow notifications! Join his Facebook group to stay informed about times and locations! Click the link below! These sessions are open to the public and all are welcome! The more, the merrier!

* NEW TIME!!!!: WEDNESDAY NIGHTS at 6:00 P.M. - Core Running Company in town hosts a Wednesday night 3-mile run at 6 P.M. near the new location off C.M. Allen.

* NEW TIME FOR SUMMER: SATURDAY MORNINGS at 6:00 A.M. - Core Running Company supports a 
long run on Saturday mornings (usually at 6:00 A.M. leaving from the store.) Water stops along the way and the route generally gets posted to the FB page a few nights before. All paces welcome!

Again, follow the Facebook page for changes in times and locations! Remember, all ages and fitness levels are welcome!
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How To Stay Informed
SMRC Website


Visit the SMRC Web Site for upcoming races, race results, dozens of running resources and more.


SMRC Monthly Newsletter


Check your email inbox for SMRC monthly newsletters and additional reminders and other relevant and valuable information.  


SMRC Meetings


Attend an SMRC meeting. Our meetings usually feature the exchange of lots of news and discussion about current goings-on in the San Marcos running community. Plus, you can meet and hang out with local runners, and maybe even line up a partner for your training runs.

Meetings of the San Marcos Runners Club are open to the public. Anyone in the community who is a runner, jogger, walker, has an interest in these activities or in fitness in general is encouraged and welcome to attend the San Marcos Runners Club meetings.   


The schedule for 2017 - 2018 is below! 




There is almost daily communication and tons of photos from so many of our members on race day on the SMRC Facebook page. Be sure to click on the FB icon in the far left column to join us.

2017 - 2018 Important Dates To Note and Remember!

Club Meetings:

*Speaker information will be announced through Member Communications and Social Media.
March 7
San Marcos Activity Center, Multi-Purpose Room 7:00 p.m.
May 2
San Marcos Activity Center, Multi-Purpose Room 7:00 p.m.
July 11
San Marcos Activity Center, Multi-Purpose Room 7:00 p.m.
September 12
San Marcos Activity Center, Multi-Purpose Room 7:00 p.m.
November 7
San Marcos Activity Center, Multi-Purpose Room 7:00 p.m.

Board Meetings:

*All SMRC Members are welcome to attend the Board Meetings!
April 25
Old Fish Hatchery 7:00 p.m.
June 6
Old Fish Hatchery 7:00 p.m.
August 1
Old Fish Hatchery 7:00 p.m.
October 17
Old Fish Hatchery 7:00 p.m.
December 5
San Marcos Activity Center, Multi-Purpose Room 7:00 p.m.

Member Events: 
*Final details announced closer to the dates through Member Communications.
February 28
Mardi Gras Run/Party 6:00 p.m.
May 6
Cinco de Mayo Run/Party 6:00 p.m.
June 20
SMRC Picnic 6:00 p.m.
August 15
SMRC Pizza/Pool Party 6:30 p.m.
November 21
SMRC Thanksgiving Dinner 7:00 p.m.

Community Events:

*Final details announced closer to the dates through Member Communications and Social Media.
March 21
SMRC Spring Mile Challenge 6:00 p.m.
April 11
SMRC Easter Egg Trail Run 6:00 p.m.
September 16
Country Roads 10K 8:00 a.m.
October 3
Prediction Run 6:00 p.m.
October 31
SMRC Halloween Costume Fun Run 6:00 p.m.
December 12
SMRC Christmas Lights Run 6:30 p.m.
December 14
SMRC Christmas Formal Dinner 7:00 p.m

The more the SMRC grows in numbers, then the more involved it can be in the community, along with offering running camaraderie and support to all members.  Please be as involved as you can, attend the meetings, and encourage running/walking friends and family to join!  New members bring new ideas!

Looking forward to a wonderful year!


Rebecca Rounds
Newsletter Editor
San Marcos Runners Club

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